Faux is the new Fresh!

Did you know that faux flowers are the new fresh? Here are the benefits of artificial flowers and greens, read on to fall in love and get inspired.

Since time immemorial humans have shared a close relationship with flowers, one that goes beyond a need, as is with other parts of plants, flowers serve at a level that is beyond simple function, they cater to the soul the same way art or poetry does, invoking emotions and making life more than just tasks to accomplish. For centuries, flowers have held a deep significance, they have been symbolic and significant across various cultures and eras and remain so to this day, be it a show of love or appreciation, an apology, care and compassion, congratulations or even condolence, they are fit for any occasion. Elaborate flower arrangements date as far back as ancient Egypt and Greece and were done for religious ceremonies as well as decorations

Flowers in ones surrounding invoke feelings of joy and prosperity as well as introspection and a deeper connection with nature and seeing oneself as part of it rather than separate from it. The shift toward urban society has greatly impacted interaction and exposure to nature and it has become very important to enrich one’s life with flowers and greenery. Maintaining a garden or a flowerbed in urban society seems like a luxury to most, especially with the modern lifestyle and living in apartments but that shouldn’t discourage one from adding this simple and eons-old improvement to one’s life.

Faux flowers and greens become an ideal, low maintenance way to achieve this, with a wide variety of options available in elaborate, pre-made arrangements or individual pieces to make your own styles or just single large stems or foliage to bring that special touch of a natural aura into your home, the possibilities are endless. These faux flowers are a sustainable option that efficiently cuts out the need for maintenance or disposal while still maintaining an identical to nature look. It is psychologically proven that adding faux plants/flowers or even images of nature can boost one’s mood and have the same effect as having real flowers in ones surrounding.

There are, of course, personal preferences when it comes to what kind of flowers and plants one likes and that is also something that has been considered while curating the available collection, with a vast variety of colours, different kinds of plants, dry stem arrangements, hanging plants and much more, there is something for every aesthetic.

Adding a part of nature to your home is beyond just a good aesthetic choice, it elevates your surroundings, improves the psyche and restores a balance that is very important to humans. So why wait and deny yourself an improved quality of living through greater aesthetics, or use them as the perfect gifting option, without the responsibility of taking care and momentary beauty that comes with real flowers and plants. Open your doors to a whole world of natural beauty right here.

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